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We are at your disposal for all kinds of mechanical design and control. Investment engineering and technical consulting are our specialty. The company is based on renewable energy sources and we offer a concrete solution to the same, all according to customer requirements. For all information and questions please contact us with confidence! 

Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and feasibility studies, documentation analysis, billing, pre-calculations, technical consultancy ... precious tips, necessary to get started!

Technical consulting

Energy plants, process plants or air conditioning systems ... our team has the knowledge and experience of designing projects that meet the strictest standards of the profession!


Mep Inženjering, as a valuable and necessary element from the range of its services (which ensures the success of the project implementation), offers expert, projecting and financial supervision during construction


Creation of an implementation plan, work coordination, complete engineering ... is only part of the activities covered by this service, necessary in every major project.

Engineering and Services

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