Energy efficiency, profitability and feasibility studies; analysis of project documentation, cost estimate, preliminary calculations, technical counselling, etc. We offer priceless service necessary for implementation of any project of this type. Use our expertise and experience!

• Elaborations and studies to increase energy efficiency (utilisation of organic non-toxic waste and waste heat)
• Elaboration and counselling in relation to ex-agency
• Studies on profitability and feasibility
• Documentation preparation and counselling when applying for projects in non-refundable EU funds
• Project documentation, cost estimate and preliminary calculation analysis
• Participation in preparation of project documentation and suggestion and control of technical solutions and possibilities
• Monitoring and coordination of all project participants
• Complete technical counselling from preparation to closing of the financial scheme. We offer complete monitoring of Your investment from obtaining  permissions to construction, we can offer counselling at any stage of construction. 
If requested by the client we offer special monitoring and investment management services.

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